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Pam Willing
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In February this forum announced "Shropshire parish registers to go online at Find My Past and I'm sure that many of you are eagerly awaiting the event. As someone with a subscription to Find My Past can I just alert people who are thinking of taking out a subscription that FMP have recently launched a new site and completely new methods of searching databases. To say it has teething problems is a major understatement. Before you spend your money, please look carefully at what is being said on various websites. That is all I can say.

SFHS WebMaster
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We are not saying this is the solution, but it might benefit those having problems with the "Improved" Find-My-Past web-site FMP Blog Video.

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I used to love using Findmypast but now its one big pain.........i am only keeping it for the time being so i can look at the Shropshire records.......the is one problem after another with searching, why they cannot leave things alone i do not know..............i'm sure who ever set up the new system never did any family searching or they would be pulling out their hair..........i have 3 sites going at the same time so i can check the information as some sites have people missing and of course spelling surnames,first names and place names is a big problem  on all the sites..............