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The 1871 E & W census shows Mary LLOYD living with her daughter & son-in-law, Elizabeth & Samuel Fletcher WILLIAMS, in Newchurch, Lancashire. The census says she was born in about 1800 in "ASTEN HORTHEN, SHROPSHIRE. I have tried locating "Asten Horthen" in Shropshire with no result.  Does anyone know where this place might have been or where I might go to find out more about Mary Lloyd's history (probably need to find when she married to learn her maiden name).  Thank you.

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If Mary LLOYD was a retired nurse and the widow of a gardener then the 1861 census (RG.9/1871 folio 119 page 3) shows that she was born at Aston Pigott, Shropshire which is just NE of Worthen and about 10.5 miles SW of Shrewsbury.