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Is it possible to purchase from your SHOP LORDS HILL CHAPEL, SNAILBEACH Graves Stones names. I don't live Salop but got lots of family on Mums side buried in this area including Uncle who died in 1921 aged 21 that a family member has told me is buried here. Also his wife and daughter.
I hope that I've posted in the correct place.
Many thanks . Angela

Michael J Hulme
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Hello Angela

If you go to Shop on the blue bar above right the choose Shropshire FHS Publications Catalogue and then click on SFHS_Publications Catalogue Spring 2020.pdf near bottom of screen.  When it comes up on screen in your PDF viewer click your search button or hold down Ctrl and click F to bring up a search box where you can enter Lordshill and press Enter.

This should take you to the entry you want - it is actually listed under Snailbeach.  The cost for a photocopy is 60 pence plus 88 pence for postage which you will find listed on the last page.  The address to send your order is on page 2.