Katherine A JONES (nee) HOWELLS died 1975

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I am trying to trace any living relatives of Katherine A JONES (nee) HOWELLS, died in 1975, buried at Pontesbury. Katherine was married to Joseph Evan JONES also deceased (1976). Both last known to be at Farley Grange. It would be so lovely to hear from anyone who could tell us more about either Katherine or Joseph, or to know if they had any children who may still be living. Our family are distant relatives and apart from marriage and death records are unable to find out anymore.    Any help greatly appreciated, Rachel

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Anyone responding to Rachel, please don't post details of anyone living without their express permission, probably better to post your email address and let Rachel contact you off line.

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Hello Rachel

The 1941 edition of Kelly's Directory of Shropshire shows that Joseph E. JONES was a farmer at Farley at that time and that the farm was less than 150 acres.  Is this the same person or a different generation? It doesn't give the name of the farm.

Are you aware that your family were buried at the Congregational Church, Pontesbury (not the Church of England Church).  To locate the grave, which has a marker, stand in the gateway from the road and facing the church building with the path in front of you. Walk up the path almost to the church then turn right and walk across to what by now is probably the last row but one parallel with the side of the burial ground.  You should find your family there.

Do you know that the grave inscription also includes Gwendoline Cordelia JONES who died 22 July 1942 aged 32 years?  It doesn't give her relationship.

You may need to search the local Baptism Register at Shropshire Archives to establish whether Joseph and Katherine had any children.  Bear in mind this may the the C of E or the Congregational Baptisms. The baptisms are not available online after 1900.