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Thomas JUCKES born in 1784 in Rodington.  In 1851 census, Thomas JUCKES was a farmer with 200 acres in Rodington, married to Sarah.  Was his wife Sarah POOLE or Sarah BRATTON ? One record shows a marriage between Thomas JUCKES & Sarah POOLE, June 1, 1813 in Wrockwardine Parish.  Another record claims Thomas JUCKES married Sarah BRATTON.  My confusion may stem from the 1851 census having a second Thomas JUCKES, born around 1787, a farmer with 650 acres in Tern, who also married a Sarah.   ALSO - has anyone done any research on the line of Thomas JUCKES of Buttington, who became the High Sherrif of Montgomeryshire ?  (Frances in Vernon, Canada)

Michael J Hulme
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Hello Frances

The Shropshire Baptism, Marriage and Burial records up to 1900 are on the Find my Past web site (fee payable).  Put Shropshire in the search box.

That site only lists one marriage for Thomas JUCKES to a Sarah between 1795 and 1835 and that is the 1st June 1813 marriage at Wrockwardine to Sarah POOLE, by Licence with consent of parents which suggests one or both were under the age of twenty one.

When I first read your message I wondered if you had considered the possibility of Thomas marrying twice, each time to a Sarah.  You should check for a possible death / burial for the first Sarah if this is possible.

What are the details of the second possible marriage you have found, date and place etc.


Richard Juckes
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Hello Frances, Mike

This has lots on Thomas Juckes of Buttington


And then this takes some branches of Juckes/Jukes into the C19th


I think it fair to say that there were dozens of Thomas Juckes.

Thomas Juckes and Sarah Poole of Tern were my third great-grandparents:


The scan of the written copy of a family tree that I have has Sarah Poole of Ironbridge. They could well be the couple married in Wrockwardine: their eldest (Sarah) was born in 1814 and their second, another Thomas, in 1815.


[EDIT] http://www.archelou.co.uk/ercall_baptisms/1775.htm

Has a Sarah Poole born in Isombridge in 1786. Isombridge, in the same parish as Tern, perhaps mis-transcribed sometime or other as Ironbridge. Another Thomas Juckes marrying another Sarah Poole.