Jones Family -Hotspur Street Shrewsbury 1940's

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I am researching a family tree in connection with a property I am looking into.

I am trying to find out more about the family of Agnes Louisa Whittall born Q1 1897 who married Harry Jones in 1929. Harry, born 28th May 1897 was a Tailors Cutter and they lived at Nr 4, Hotspur Street in Shrewsbury (in 1939). Agnes Louisa Whittall died 16th August 1964 in Shrewsbury, Harry died after that but I dont know when.
They had at least one daughter, born 1930, possibly on the 10th July. I dont have a name.  I am trying to work this tree forward to the present day.
I have a lot of detail in the tree of Agnes Louisa going the other way (back in time) incl that her grand mother was Harriet Gardner and her mother also an Agnes Louisa, born 4th December 1871. She married Walter Whittall in 1895 and died 22nd April 1950. Walter died pre 1939 but I dont have a date. They lived in Shrewsbury also.
I am happy to share what I know and hope someone can tell me more about the Jones part of the tree and the child they had in 1930. 
Can anyone help or point me in the direction where I can find further information?
Many thanks in advance