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Peter Greaves
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Can anyone help me to find the origins and death of John BAWCOMBE please?  He married Sarah WATKINS at Ludlow on 10 May 1832.  He is shown in the marriage register as being 'of Bromfield'.  In 1835 he was a Victualler of the Green Dragon, Old Street, Ludlow.  He had three children with Sarah, two of whom, born in 1832 and 1837, died in infancy.  The surviving child, also called Sarah, was born in 1834.  A London Gazette article in 1836 shows him in the Court for Relief of Insolvent Debtors as Innkeeper, late of Old St. Ludlow.  In the 1841 census, his wife Sarah BAWCOMBE is described as a widow and is living with her parents and young daughter in Onibury.  I have been unable to find any trace of his death or birth and would be grateful for any information regarding these.  Peter Greaves


Michael J Hulme
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Hello Peter

Looking at the original image in the marriage register I notice that the marriage was by Licence.  You may be able to see the Marriage Licence at the Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre but will probably need a personal visit.  It might just give you another clue if you are lucky.

Looking at the Shropshire Baptisms on Find my Past (fee payable) there are only six entries for the surname BAWCOMBE, four for girls, plus one for Richard and one for John baptised 23 Mar 1884 at Onibury (just up the road from Bromfield) the son of Ricahrd and Elizabeth BAWCOMBE of Whitty Tree, Labourer.

Whittytree is about one mile south west of the river bridge at Onibury.

Regarding John's death I can't see him in the Shropshire Burial Registers but if you look on FreeBMD there is a death registration for a John BAWCOMBE in the June quarter of 1839 in the Worthing Registration District.  The date fits with your other information so you will have to do some checking to establish whether this is your John or another one.


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Hi Peter,

Following on from Mike's comment about death in 1839 I found the record on GRO Web-site that gives John's age at death as 35 years. I couldn't find a birth record c1804 on FindMyPast, but did find two baptism records for the name John BAULCOMBE, both at St. Nicholas, Brighton, both with parents of Robert and Susan/Susanna BAULCOMBE. One baptism on 23rd June 1801 and the other on 11th October 1801. Unfortunately both are transcriptions with no images of the original record.Both can also be found on FamilySearch Web-site. The two records give different birth dates, so they could be two individuals, but strange the parents names are virtually identical on both records.

Looking for marriage record for Robert and Susan came up with Richard BALCOMBE and Susannah RICE in Brighton in 1794.

So if this is your ancestors then there may be some connection with the village of Balcombe, which is about 20 miles north of Brighton.

Hopefully my thoughts don't lead you on a wild goose chase.


Peter Greaves
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Hi Mike and Phil

Thank you so much for the time and effort put into helping me with my research.  It is quite possible that you have found John BAWCOMBE but it would mean that he was born in Sussex, moved to Ludlow and after his debt problem moved back to Sussex and died. 

I have tried to use your research to find a George Henry BAWCOMBE.  In 1842 John's wife, Sarah BAWCOMBE, is described as a widow on her father Richard WATKIN's Will and on the 1851 and 1861 censuses.  After John 'died' she had several more children all of whom had the surname BAWCOMBE.  Richard 1842 has a father 'William JONES' on his marriage certificate.  Richard had 9 children born in Shropshire (including the John 1884 that you found, Mike) and one more after the family moved to Yorkshire.  Sarah then had Louisa Frances 1845 (my great grandmother), Henry 1848,  and Agnes Susan 1850. The two girls moved to Blackburn and both have father's name George Henry BAWCOMBE on their marriage certificates.  I have never been able to find any further trace of George Henry BAWCOMBE.  I wonder whether he was a brother of John or that he never really existed and the name was made up for the sake of propriety.  Sarah died in 1864 and her son Henry in 1869, both in Ludlow Workhouse where she was described as the wife of John BAWCOMBE.     Peter