Henry LLOYD of Ludlow marriage 1699

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I am looking for the marriage of Henry LLOYD and Elizabeth, married 1699 ca. It doesn't appear in Ludlow, nor in Shropshire, as it seems.

They had 7 children:

- James LLOYD 25 JUN 1700 Ludlow Shropshire UK (+ ibid. 24 Jan 1728 ?)
- Henry LLOYD 18 JUL 1701 Ludlow Shropshire UK (+ ibid. 10 Dec 1710)
- Richard LLOYD 28 AUG 1702 Ludlow Shropshire UK
- Rob[ert] LLOYD 05 SEP 1703 Ludlow Shropshire UK
- Elizabeth LLOYD 26 SEP 1704 Ludlow Shropshire UK (+ ibid. 12 Dec 1707)
- Ma[ry ?] LLOYD 8 NOV 1705 Ludlow Shropshire UK
- Olive LLOYD 26 AUG 1708 Ludlow Shropshire UK (my ancestor - she married in London)

Henry was buried likely on 27th March 1714, St. Lawrences, Ludlow, Shropshire
Elizabeth 13th June 1718,
St. Lawrences, Ludlow, Shropshire


I guess that Henry was the son of Henry LLOYD & Mary JONES, married 14 Augustt 1672, St. Laurence's Ludlow Shropshire. Proved children:

Lacon, 26 MAR 1673, of Henry LLOYD & Mary
Marie & Sarah, twins, 22 SEP 1678, of Henry LLOYD & Mary
Hannah, 01 AUG 1681, of Henry LLOYD & Mary
Anne, 11 NOV 1683, of Henry LLOYD & Mary

It is obvious that there is a gap between 1673 and 1678, and I assume that the second son was might have been given his father's name and would he been born 1675 ca, it would be convenient for the 1699 marriage. But no evidence.

Henry was buried 11 Sep 1684 St. Lawrences, Ludlow, Shropshire

I would love if somebody could help, even a little.

Thanks a lot.



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Before any other comment, I just wonder how or why you conclude that an Olive Lloyd, married in London (and I see the in the IGI marriages in London in 1728 and 1731) should be the one bap at Ludlow.

As you place the burials of the Ludlow parents in that Olive's childhood any wills that they might have left could not have referred to her in her married name.

Have you made probate searches? If not we can point you to a private index for Salop Wills proved at Hereford.

The name "Lacon" for a child of the earlier couple might well be a significant pointer; and I may look for a lead in some material held.

Have you checked the Ludlow baptisms for any extra detail?

As regards the missing marriage of around 1699 the IGI coverage for the area of Salop close to Ludlow is quite good, but Herefs, just over the river, and the NW corner of Worcs are rather a wastelands in the IGI.