Henry Edward DODD - First Fleet 1788 Australia

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I am from OZ, NSW. Henry Edward DODD died on 28th January 1791 at Parramatta, NSW. He came on the First Fleet as a personal servant to Governor Arthur PHILLIP(although listed as an Able Seaman) and had been a farm labourer on PHILLIP's Lyndhurst property in Hampshire. I had always believed he was a farmer from the New Forest region and not part of my DODD heritage, but now have found he was christened on lst September 1748 at Hodnet, Shropshire. I have many DODD ancestors in Shropshire I have traced: Oswestry, Oakengate, Wellington, Cow Wood etc., officially one family sailing on the "Pericles" in 1877. Henry's parents were Ralph and Sarah DODD. I would like to see if Ralph had brothers, sisters, that I could tie in with my Dodd extended family. Di

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G-day Dianne. Where are you in OZ?

I am the Founder and President of The Macquarie Society. I live in Sydney and am descended from one of the Hodnet DODD families. On Australia Day this year the Parramatta Historical Society invited me to talk about Henry Edward at his grave in Parramatta. We walked over Dodd's Farm and then at the grave I spoke about him at some length and we placed a sheaf of wheat and a large cabbage on the grave. Symbols of his contribution to the colony. Some 70 people attended. I have done a lot of work on my family at Hodnet and would be pleased to share this with you. I emailed the Secretary and later the President of the SFHS seeking some guidance and assistance from them but did not receive an answer from either of them. His Lordship at Hodnet Hall has been more accommodating. I do hope we can get together on this and would be delighted to hear from you. Please contact me at any time. kindest regards, Patrick Dodd. 'Camaraigal' 44, Curtin Avenue, Wahroonga. 2076. 02 9487 3221. patrickdodd@bigpond.com

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Hello Patrick

I am sorry you have had problems making contact.

I have sent Dianne a private email to bring her attention to your message.

Michael  (Admin)

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Hi Michael,

I have been 'off air' with this for a while but would now like to do more

Ihave not heard from anyone in your Society.

I would like to know everything possible about Henry Edward's birth and time in Hodnet before he went to work for Arhur Phillip - how on earth did he make that connection to the south of Engalnd?

I am sure he was related to one of 'my' Dodds as the village cannot have been all that big at the time. 

Surely there must have been some connection.

Any contact will be much appreciated.

Celebrating Australia Day at his grave is on Facebook.

It says wrongly I am a descendant of his but the rest is OK.

Hope all well on the other side of the world.

kindest regards,