Help to find Grandmother's name

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Happy New Year to everyone.

My Name is Angie and I am need some help with finding my mothers birth mother or at least her name.

My mum was born in Wem on the 15th November 1926, she is now 85 and in not great health. She was born out of wedlock and I am unable to find anything relating to her mother. Pretty much all of my mums relatives have now passed away so it is making things difficult.

Her fathers name was John Maddox or may have been called Jack.  My mothers name is Mary and her maiden name was Maddox, her middle name is Jane.

If anyone can help I would be so gratefull.


My very best wishes


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Hello Angie

Looking on FreeBMD there is an entry for a Mary L MADDOX born in the Wem Registration District Q4 (Oct, Nov, Dec) 1926 which seems rather a coincidence. I wonder if you should explore this more.

It is rather unusual for someone to have the name of their father but not their mother - it is normally the other way round and the entry above almost certainly refers to an unmarried mother because her maiden name is MADDOX unless it just happens that Miss MADDOX married Mr MADDOX. There was such a marriage in 1912.

Has your mother ever had any sort of Birth Certificate and/or Baptism Certificate specifying name, dates and places? If so this should give you some clues but don't post the details here.

Ask your mother which schools she attended during her childhood because the School Admission Register (if it still survives) may well give some vital clues. They may be found at Shropshire Archives or still at the individual schools.

If your mother can give you specific addresses (with dates) at which she has lived, especially when she was young, you could look at Voters Registers to see who was living in the house.