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Hi All,

I've been trying to make sense of the marriage and Shropshire life of my Great Aunt Phoebe Ann GREENSLADE, born in Guernsey in 1884, and her relationship with Cyril Frederick HARRIS from Rochdale.  They married on 6/2/1911 at St Chad's, Shrewsbury, but no records allowed me to pursue their life further.  Daughter, Mary Ellen, was born 7/7/1911 in Atcham. Records show that Phoebe and Mary Ellen turned up back in Guensey and then Jersey during the German occupation (I have their identity cards).  I have no idea where Cyril HARRIS went because Phoebe remarried on Guernsey.

Does anybody have any leads, through the Shropshire FHS, that I can follow to fill the gaps between 1911 in Shrewsbury and her marriage to James Thomas RENOUF around 1920 on Guernsey.

I would be grateful via this forum of via  jimgreenslade47@aol.com

Thank you

Jim Greenslade