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how do you get the marriage details printed in descendants report. sounds easy!!

i have the latest version

Michael J Hulme
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Hello Baz

I am not using the latest version of Family Tree Maker (FTM) but the method is likely to be more or less the same in your version.

I presume you have managed to create the default descendants chart. On the right of the screen is a panel headed 'Descendant Chart Options' with nine very small icons at the top under the title words.  The first from the left is headed 'Items To Include' and by default mine just has Name and Lifespan. Click the Plus Sign just to the right of this panel then select Marriage or any other option you want and click OK. Click OK again to return to your chart which will update in a few seconds with the marriage details included.

You might need to play about with the box sizes to get the layout how you want it.