First oddity with new 1921 Census

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Well that was a good start to searching the new 1921 Census released as PPV by FindMyPast!
I was looking for my Shropshire born father.... no sign of him, changed search to his middle name + YOB + anywhere and he is there but transcribed as born Preston, Lancashire when the Birthplace is obviously Old Woods, Preston Gubbalds!!
This is going to be a whole new learning curve until we get chance to correct the transcriptions ourselves.
I've also got another possible birthplace for my grandmother, who has eluded me, but not my wrong certificate buying, for years.

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I too could not find my maternal Great Grandfather - Toplis Wilkins. He appears as Soplis Wilkins. Looking at the image for 1911 for comparison, the OCR software or transcriber was unable to distinguish between a Secretary Hand T and S, not a good start.


Michael J Hulme
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Both of the above and no doubt many more examples emphasize the point that having found the entry in the index you should not be tempted to pay for a transcript to save money - it is always far better to spend a little extra to buy a copy of the original image so you can make your own decisions about the information it provides.


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One thing I've just found out about Findmypast Website search of 1921 Cenus is that the "Where" tab refers to where the individual was living in 1921 not to their birthplace.