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I've found my grandmother on the 1921 Census, exactly where I expected her to be in Chirbury. The surprise finding was that she had a lodger who was a Groom and "Travelling Entire Horse engaged by the Chirbury Entire Horse Association". I've not previously heard of this Association and have tried Googlng it, but to no avail. Does anyone have any information on it?


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If you search via Welsh Newspapers Online using: "entire-horse-association", you should be rewarded with 98 results - with the movement possibly having originated in Aberystwyth in 1872.

Although none of these results seem to directly reference Chirbury, the 'Herberts of Chirbury' are mentioned in an equine context in the article at this link: https://www.bahs.org.uk/AGHR/ARTICLES/39n2a4.pdf