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Elks Elks 1871
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My grandfather Harry POWNALL was born in Wellington Sept 1871, his father was Abraham POWNALL born Macclesfield and his mother Margaret ELKS born Wellington.  Both parents soon died from TB in Manchester, Harry was only about 6 and the first census he appears in is 1911.  In 1901 he was in India, but he should appear in 1881 and 1891 but he doesn't.  He had 3 older sisters, the two eldest go on to live around Manchester, but Esther stayed in Wellington and married Benjamin BIRCH (born Dawley 1856) in 1882.  In 1891 they are running the Royal Oak, High Street, and later they are brewers.  I'm just wondering if any member of the BIRCH family (still in the area) have any old photos past down.

Harry was born in Wrights Court, now demolished, and I wondered if there is a photo of that building.  I think there was a brewery in the same road.  Margaret Elks was born 1837 the daughter of John ELKS and Margaret PURCELL, and one of the POWNALL grandchildren is with them in Dun Cow Lane in 1871.  I wondered if Harry possibly lived with ELKS relations in Wellington after his parents died, but I think it's more likely he was in Manchester somewhere near his older sisters, but in 10 years of looking I've never found him.  He joined the army in 1893 and spent 12 years in India, Shropshire Light Infantry.


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