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donna Creamore
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Am interested in anything that has these names in the Wem area. That is my family name and I am hoping to learn more about this name in Shropshire.

Michael J Hulme
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Hello Donna

I am not aware of a place currently named Cranmore in Shropshire but the History of Wem by the late Rev. Samuel Garbet, A.M. originally published in 1818 has, "Creamore house and farm were also part of the lord's demesne. The right name is Cranmore, as it was formerly written: importing that a great part of it was a moor, much frequented by cranes; but time has contracted, and softened the word to Creamore, as it is now commonly pronounced." so the present spelling has been in use for at least two hundred years.  There are a few other instances of Cranmore in other parts of the UK.

You obviously know that Creamore (Farm and Bank) are a short distance north of Wem and as far as I am aware these are the only places in the UK with this name.

There is a piece of software called British Surname Atlas which uses the data from the 1881 census to plot the numbers and locations of names and putting CREAMORE in the search box only brings up six ( 6 ) entries for the name in the whole country and these were located in the Greenwich area of Kent in the extreme south east of England just south of London and the River Thames.

Since 1837 only seventeen ( 17 ) people with the surname CREAMORE have been born in England and Wales to the present day and with one exception (in Lancashire in 1855) they have all been in the south east of England between 1933 and 2004.  It is difficult to guess why there has apparently been no use of the name between 1881 and 1933.

Working back from yourself how far back can you trace your surname and where?