COLLEY Family of Dawley and THORPE family Hadley Wellington

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Researching COLLEY family Dawley and THORPE family from Wellington. Both sides of my husbands family who are ultimately connected in his parents. THORPE family via Thomas THORPE born 1829 in Uffington, Stamford, Lincs who married Elizabeth WILLIAMS JONES in 1854 Wellington. The THORPE family prior to Thomas have a remarkable history back to the time of Henry 8th as stonemasons and back further to 1480 in Kings Cliffe in Northamptonshire. I was fortunate to find a gentleman who had researched the family and shared with me their history. The COLLEY family I have records back to 1720 Robert COLLEY of Morton Say and all the way to our family in the present.

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Hi skala,

My family is through Richard's sister Ann b. 1805 Wellington

I have no direct record of his/her father Richard only 1763 from burial in Pensnett. As for birth place again from Pensnett census 1851 Stoke on T....?  which I favour Tern not Trent ( ie Shropshire )

Also his wife Elizabeth Challona was perhaps the one b. 1772 Stoke on Tern so a little clue there although marriage in Madeley.

Have you a definite birth of him in 1763 and are you saying Robert 1720 is his father?

I would be interested in your thoughts as I have another couple of problems with Richard & Elizabeth.



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Any information on any of this would be helpful.


1748? COLLEY

Benjamin Colley






Catherine Colley wife of Benjamin Colley, mother of Jane Colley





1767 Jane Colley, Dec 6th baptism bapt. Acton Burnell, Salop


Jane Colley wife of Edward Rubbathan, mother of Mary Rubbathan

B: 1767 Dec 6th baptism bapt. Acton Burnell,Salop

M: 1792 Sept 2nd Jane Colley, Frodesley Shropshire


Children 6

1797 Jane bapt.May 7th 1797 Acton Burnell

1798 Mary bapt. June 3rd 1798 Acton Burnell

1800 Jane bapt. Nov.23rd 1800 Acton Burnell

1803 Hannah bapt. May 1st 1803 Acton Burnell

1806 Elizabeth bapt. May 4th 1806 Acton Burnell

1810 Edward bapt.1810 Acton Burnell (Ag Lab on 1851 census) Christiana Hartshorne bapt.June 3rd 1810 Church  Pulverbatch,daughter of William & Elizabeth Hartshorne. M: ? Children; Jane born 1838. Edward B: 1840,. Anne B: 1842. Emily B: 1843, Mary B:1844, Eliza B:1844  Hannah B:1845. Elizabeth born 1849 all born in Frodesley 


? Thomas Williams husband of Elizabeth

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Apologies printed in wrong place

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Hello Bronwen

Please note that the place name in your message should read Acton Burnell  (BURNELL) not Burrell.  I have edited your message to avoid possible confusion in the future.

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Skala, it is possible that I am related to the THORPE Family, researching my family tree I discovered a Matilda THORPE (B1857) in Uffington, Lincs. She was the daughter of Susan THORPE (C1840), the Brother of Thomas THORPE (C1829). If I have it correctly, Thomas went onto marry Elizabeth WILLIAMS JONES.

Matilda went onto marry John SMITH in 1876 in Rugby amongst there 17 children my maternal Grandmother was born, hence the connection.

If I have it right, Thomas and Susan's Father and Mother were Richard THORPE (C1779) and Mary THORPE (nee ABBOTT).

Of course I may have wrong but hopefully not.