CHERRINGTON family name

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I'm researching the Cherrington family (my Grandad was the last of his line) and have traced them back to Shropshire - mostly in the Kinnersley / Cherrington / Tibberton / Chetwynd areas around the late 1600's onwards.

What I'm interested to know at this stage is:

It seems fairly obvious to me that the name derives from the village of Cherrington, but would it be likely that the Cherrington surname would have been claimed by one person / family who were pretty important in the village post-Norman conquest, or would several people possibly have become known as 'Cherrington' or 'de / of Cherrington'?

I'm wondering this because there are mentions of several 'de Cherringtons' (various spellings) in various online documents from 1300(ish) onwards, and it would be handy to know whether or not I can assume that this was the start of the family line (in terms of the surname). 

I guess there's no way to know for sure, I was just hoping for some insight from those with more knowledge on these matters than me!    

Also...any Cherrington related info would be much appreciated!