Captain Richard William Corbett

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Would anyone be able to provide any information regarding a historical family document we have found;

A transfer of 50 African Theatre shares to Captain Richard W. Corbett made by my relative, Mrs Margaret Hutchins on 5th July 1950. She died the following year. We are from the North East of England so are baffled by it all.

I would be ever so grateful if you could help us with finding out any more information as we haven’t had any success.

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Hi DIowes, I think it's a fair chance that the Captain Richard William Corbett you are looking for was a member of the former Landed gentry Corbett family of Longnor Hall, Shropshire.

He was Born 9th Feb1905 & Died in 1987

And  perhaps he had another Trust before the one listed below.

See link:

And the earliest record of the African theatre I could find was from the early 1900's.

And I think it was called:  African Theatres Trust Ltd.

See Link: which could be info on that African Theatre (Shares)


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Hi J.P many thanks for providing this information, it is most helpful.  
Kind regards

Deb Lowes



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Hi Deb, I've found more info on this Captain Richard William Corbett. See below.

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This Lineage:
Event type Marriage Notice:
First name(s) Edward     Lieut. Of the 72nd Highlanders (and 2nd son of Panton Esq of Longnor Hall)  
Last name Corbett
Father's first name(s)     Panton
Father's last name     Corbett
Publication date     31 Aug 1842
Marriage date 24th Feb 1842
Perth Western Australia
Year     1842
Place     Hereford
Spouse's first name     Elizabeth Ann Theresa (only daug. of the late Robert Scholl Esq)
Spouse's last name     Scholl
Publication title     Hereford Journal
Page     3
Publication year 1842
County     Herefordshire
Country     England
Record set     England, Newspaper Marriage Notices
Category     Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
Subcategory     Parish Marriages
Collections from     Great Britain, Scotland, England

This Lineage:
Birth                               Mothers maiden name
CORBETT, EDWARD             SHALL  (Scholl)    
GRO Reference: 1843  M Quarter in BOLTON UNION  Volume 21  Page 94

The Family:
1851 England, Wales & Scotland Census
Longnor Hall, Longnor, Church Stretton, Shropshire, England
First name(s)    Last name    Relationship    Marital status    Sex    Age    Birth year    Occupation    Birth place
Panton    Corbett    Head    Married    Male    65    1786    Justice of the peace    Longnor, Shropshire, England
Lucy Feveretta    Corbett    Wife    Married    Female    59    1792    -    Litchfield, Hampshire, England
Edward    Corbett    Son    Married    Male    33    1818    Justice of the peace    Sidmouth, Devon, England
Elizabeth Ann Teresa    Corbett    Daughter-in-law    Married    Female    25    1826    -    London, Middlesex, England
Edward    Corbett    Grand son    -    Male    8    1843    -    Bolton, Lancashire, England
Richard    Corbett    Grand son    -    Male    6    1845    -    Ireland
Teresa    Corbett    Grand daughter    -    Female    5    1846    -    Longnor, Shropshire, England
Lucy    Corbett    Grand daughter    -    Female    3    1848    -    Longnor, Shropshire, England
Maud    Corbett    Grand daughter    -    Female    2    1849    -    Longnor, Shropshire, England
Elizabeth    Corbett    Grand daughter    -    Female    0    1851    -    Longnor, Shropshire, England
Charlotte    Shingler    House keeper    Married    Female    38    1813    House keeper    Norwich, Norfolk, England
Catherine    Wakelin    -    Unmarried    Female    56    1795    Ladies maid    Staffordshire, England
Thomas    Williams    -    Unmarried    Male    35    1816    Buttler    Berriew, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Thomas    Evans    -    Unmarried    Male    22    1829    Footman    Welshpool, Montgomeryshire, Wales
James    Jones    -    Unmarried    Male    27    1824    Under man    Longnor, Shropshire, England
Eliza    Carter    -    Unmarried    Female    25    1826    Ladies maid to mrs e corbett    Longnor, Shropshire, England
Sarah    Clayton    -    Unmarried    Female    20    1831    Head nurse    Condover, Shropshire, England
Martha    Jones    -    Unmarried    Female    16    1835    Under nurse    Leebotwood, Shropshire, England
Martha    Reynolds    -    Married    Female    53    1798    Upper house maid    Montgomeryshire, Wales
Mary    Newell    -    Married    Female    22    1829    Under house maid    Stapleton, Shropshire, England
Mariah    Blaney    -    Unmarried    Female    18    1833    Kitchin maid    Stapleton, Shropshire, England
Emma    Newell    -    Unmarried    Female    20    1831    Scullry maid    Smethcott, Shropshire, England
Richard    Millington    Servant    Wr    Male    56    1795    Gamekeeper    Staffordshire, England

This Lineage:
1861 England, Wales & Scotland Census
Maidstone, Kent, England
First name(s)     Edward
Last name     Corbett
Sex     Male
Age     18
Birth year     1843
Marital status     Single
Relationship     Officer (Cornet)
Birth town     Longnor
Birth town as transcribed LONGNOR
Birth county     Shropshire
Birth county as transcribed     SHROPSHIRE
Institution name     The Barracks
Institution location     Sandling Road Maidstone
Municipal borough or ward High Street
Registration district     Maidstone
County     Kent
Country England
Sub district     4 West Maidstone
Enumeration district     -
Parliamentary borough or division Maidstone
Ecclesiastical parish or district     Trinity
Archive reference     RG09
Birth place other     England
Piece number     501
Occupation     Cornet army
Folio     95
Page     2
Schedule     7
Full address     Maidstone, Kent, England
Record set     1861 England, Wales & Scotland Census
Street     -
Category     Census, land & surveys
Parish     Maidstone
Subcategory     Census
City or borough     Maidstone
Collections from     Great Britain, England

This Lineage:
1871 Cens:
Full address     Lamport Hall, Lamport Street Lamport, Brixworth, Northamptonshire, England
First name(s)     Edward
Last name     Corbett
Sex     Male
Age     28
Marital status     Single
Occupation     Capt. south salop company & landowner
Birth place     Sidmouth Devon England
Birth town     Sidmouth
Birth county     Devon
Relationship     Visitor
Hamlet     Lamport
Parish     Lamport
County     Northamptonshire
Country     England
Registration district     Brixworth
Sub-district     Brixworth
Census year     1871
Enumeration district     6
Archive series     RG10
Piece number     1496
Folio     65
Birth country     England
Page     3
Schedule     14
Record set     1871 England, Wales & Scotland Census
Category     Census, land & surveys
Subcategory     Census
Street     Lamport Street Lamport Hall
Collections from     Great Britain, England
[Edward's father is also with him, Edward Corbett M.P Lt Col of the Shropshire Miltia, aged 52 birth place Bolton Lanc's.
They have their birth places the wrong way around!]
This Lineage:
Marriages Sep 1871  
Corbett     Edward             Brixworth     3b    211
Isham     Louisa Mary        Brixworth     3b    211
This Lineage:
Births Sep 1872                                          Mothers maiden name
GRO Reference: 1872  S Quarter in LICHFIELD  Volume 06B  Page 413
This Lineage:
Marriages Mar 1904
Corbett     Edward Richard T      St. Geo. H. Sq.     1a    681
Stuart     Marie                            St. Geo. H. Sq.     1a    681

Births Mar 1905                               Mothers maiden name
GRO Reference: 1905  M Quarter in ATCHAM  Volume 06A  Page 634

Him & his family of origin:
1911 Census For England & Wales
Radmore Ryton Dorrington Shropshire, Condover, Shropshire, England
First name(s)    Last name    Relationship to head    Marital status    Sex    Age    Birth year    Occupation    Birth place
Edward Richard Trevor    Corbett    Head    Married    Male    38    1873    Estate agent    Staffs Wall
Marie    Corbett    Wife    Married    Female    41    1870    -    Middlesex London
Richard William    Corbett    Son    -    Male    6    1905    -    Salop Betton Strange
Marjorie    Corbett    Daughter    -    Female    4    1907    -    Salop Betton Strange
Charles Edward    Corbett    Son    -    Male    1    1910    -    Salop Condover
Elizabeth    Collier    Servant    Single    Female    48    1863    Parlourmaid domestic    Leicestershire North Kilworth
Sarah Isabel    Edge    Servant    Single    Female    25    1886    Cook domestic    Salop Wem
Frances    Dodd    Servant    Single    Female    24    1887    Housemaid domestic    Salop Atcham
Ruth    Colliins    Servant    Single    Female    24    1887    Nurse domestic    Northants Daventry
Agnes Dulcie    Round    Servant    Single    Female    15    1896    Between maid domestic    Salop Anncroft
James    Ruffe    Servant    Single    Male    17    1894    General work in home stable and garden    Salop Wem

He married Doris Vaughan Kimber 9th Nov 1933 Shankill, Lurgan, Armagh

Two of His children:

Births Dec 1935                Mothers maiden name
Corbett     Timothy W E        Kimber            Eton     3a    1549

Births Mar 1938                 Mothers maiden name
Corbett     Richard P              Kimber         Eton     3a    1817

Richard William Corbett was a land agent and it looks like he spent a lot of time in Canada & the USA

His Wife & Children:
1939 Register
Burleydam, Audlem, Nantwich R.D., Cheshire, England
First name(s)    Last name(s)    Birth date    Sex    Occupation    Marital status    
Emma J    Huntbach    12 Sep 1866    Female    Unpaid Domestic Duties    Widowed    
Annie    Griffiths    24 Sep 1889    Female    Paid Domestic Duties    Single    
Lillian    Whitmore    23 Jul 1874    Female    Unpaid Domestic Duties    Single    
Doris V    Corbett    25 Nov 1902    Female    Unpaid Domestic Duties    Married    -
And Lady Superintentdent B.R.C Bucks 82
The record for this person is officially closed.
Richard P    Corbett    17 Feb 1938    Male    Under School Age    Single    
Alice M    McElroy    29 Dec 1906    Female    Children's Nurse    Single    

First name(s)     Richard William
Last name     Corbett
Registration month     12
Death quarter     4
Death year     1987
District     Shrewsbury
Sex     Male
Birth day     9
Birth month     2
Birth year     1905
Register number 1287
Volume     30
Page     444
County     Shropshire
Country     England
Record set     England & Wales Deaths 1837-2007
Category     Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
Subcategory     Civil Deaths & Burials
Collections from     Great Britain, England
His Wife's:
First name(s)     Doris Vaughan
Last name     Corbett
Registration month 9
Death quarter     3
Death year     1991
District     Shrewsbury
Birth month     11
Birth day     25
Birth year     1902
Register number     991
County     Shropshire
Volume     30
Page     268
Country     England
Record set     England & Wales Deaths 1837-2007
Category     Birth, Marriage, Death & Parish Records
Subcategory     Civil Deaths & Burials
Collections from     Great Britain, England

One of his son's death notice:
Source: Telegraph, 18 June 2021
Netty Leistra to Peerage News
Jun 19, 2021, 6:36:23 PM
Richard Panton Corbett died peacefully on May 17th 2021, aged 83. Beloved husband of Dame Antoinette Sibley Corbett,
wonderful father to Oliver, Eloise and Isambard and loving grandfather, who will be greatly missed by all who knew him.
A small private funeral will be held at St Peter’s, Eaton Square on June 24th.
Born 1938 as son of Richard William Corbett - LG family Corbett of Longnor - and Doris Vaughan Kimber.
He married 1962 Leila Frances Wolsten-Croft

His other Son's death notice, source: Shropshire Star:
Timothy William Edward Of Longnor. Died peacefully on June 5, 2023, aged 87 years.

Beloved Husband of Priscilla and Father of Sophie, Isabelle, Edward and Thomas.

Proud Grandfather of Camilla, Kate, Miranda, Louis, Ziggy, Blaise, Eve and Milo.

Funeral Service to be held at 2.30pm on Saturday, June 24, 2023 at St Mary's Church, Leebotwood, Church Stretton.




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This is fantastic and very much appreciated, many thanks J.P

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