ALFORD family of Eyton Fold, Dawley Green Lane, Dawley

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Sarah Downes
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I have recently started looking into the ALFORD family name, as my grandad lives in Dawley and is currently suffering with the dementia. He seems to prefer the past than the future, so it is my aim to create a little family book which has lots of pictures from the past (of Dawley and the surrounding) and information on his family name. His family seem to be synonymous with mining and Dawley.

I am contacting you in the hope that you can help with the following things:

1. Whether anyone has already done the ALFORD name? I have only got as far back as Daniel and Ann ALFORD (1800s), and I am now struggling to get back further, so I would also appreciate any advice on where to look.

2. If there are any pictures of mines/miners or churches or landscapes and houses from the time, that would be wonderful. Obviously I would like to show pictures of houses at Eyton Fold, Dawley Green Lane, and relevant things to the census records, so that I can really provide a personal story that my Grandad can relate to.

One main drawback is that I am actually on the south coast and visit rarely, but if it helps, I am more than happy to visit sooner rather than later.

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Hi Sarah,

Can you be more specific on the information that you have on Daniel and Sarah ALFORD (e.g. where and when they were born, married, etc). There are several family trees on the subscription website that contain a Daniel ALFORD born c1795 and several with a Daniel ALFORD born c1801. At least one of them also includes a distant ancestor of mine - John POOLE born in Dawley in 1801 whose first wife was Tryphena WATKISS, and second wife Ann JONES.


Phil Poole