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John Sands
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Following Jacqui Simkins' article in the March edition of the Journal I have found a marriage licence for John SANDES of Whitchurch and Margaret LATHAM of Prees dated 29 June 1706, and in turn the marriage itself which took place at Myddle the following day. The groom was aged "24 or upwards" and the bride "21 or thereabouts". The licence has a manuscript addition: “And that the consent of the parents or others the Governors of the said parties be thereunto first had & obtain’d” which seems unusual given the ages of the couple. Can anyone shed any light on that for me please? I have been unable to find any indication why the marriage took place at  Myddle, as neither appears to have had any connection there. Perhaps the priest was not too fussy about things like parental consent? Unfortunately it seems that the original register is missing, so I can't check that for any further information that may have been noted.

jackie williams
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Hi John,

The Shropshire Parish Register Society did a transcription of the Myddle registers, I think I found it on but sadly even then the pages were missing for 1706 - but other people from Whitchurch got married there in 1704 as well as folk from other unexpected parishes.  Suggested to me when I first read it that the Rector, a Hugh Dale, was not too fussy perhaps??

Sorry can`t shed any more light.


Michael J Hulme
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Hello John

Have you checked to see if the Bishop's Transcripts (BTs) survive for that period? The originals are at Lichfield but are possibly online now.


John Sands
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Hello Mike

Lichfield do hold the BTs for Myddle for that period, but have a problem with their online catalogue at the moment so I can't find out if they are available or not. I will keep trying, but perhaps a visit might be on the cards this summer.

Thanks also, Jackie, for your comment.